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Dare to live large

Discover our two new sizes
for our lampshades for 50 cm and 67 cm
diameter lights!

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La Case de Cousin Paul - String lights & lights

Want a bright IDEA to color your home?


With the small hand-woven ball cable creator, discover a large choice of decorative string lights that you can make yourself or purchase in boxes!


Also find our hanging lights available in different formats. Wake up your interior with color! (Available in 30 colors)

The globe light in large format

Color in excess!

We’ve always had big ideas, and with this new Light collection, going big while remaining light and delicate has become possible. The globe lights are available in XL and XXL, excessive, yes, but with a touch of whimsy... these large spheres float delicately and invite you to dream.

Always handcrafted with the same original weaving technique, the globe light collection showcases extremely fine and delicate weaving. The effect of transparency sublimates color without coloring the light. The color remains present, the material is lightened and this new weaving style provides better brightness.

Arrange this lighting as bubbles of light and dare to use color again!

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