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New Collection  

Discover our new lampshades,
with a thiner weaving !
Available in 5 sizes and 20 colors.

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Solar Collection

Many different styles,
and all solar panel compatible !


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Our small table lamp,
with its Made in France base
in now also available in 20 colors.

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Our curiosities, what's that?

Or how to give a second chance to slightly different products?

By choosing on of our curiosities you will be giving a second chance to a quality item, slightly different but resolutely design.

Today it is fashionable, we talk about upcycling, second hand, we want more ecology, less waste, but also save money!

Our curiosities are there for all these reasons.

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String lights for each season

The string lights to make your own!

2005 La case de cousin paul invented the concept of string lights adorned with small colored balls to choose according to your desires, your moods, and your decor! This idea took off immediately, and 15 years later these small string lights have become iconic.

The hand-woven ball has kept its original handcrafted soul but is now equipped with a clip in its Premium version and is joined by La Petite Case, the slightly smaller version. The electric version has evolved with LED lights.

At la case de cousin paul, string lights have had a long history!

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A new range of lighting

From String lights to Lights

Hanging or tabletop, as a single, double or even triple, in small or XXL format, natural or bold colors, dense or aerial weaving… Anything is possible!

Our lampshades are all woven by hand with our exclusive expertise. Each light receives special attention and is unique. The woven material is our DNA, its color palette rich and subtle at the same time.

Let yourself be seduced by our woven lights and bring light and a bright disposition into your interiors.

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