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A great idea that goes around 

Paris, March 2001,

He had been living in Paris for five years and working at a Fnac entertainment retail store to pay his rent and living expenses. She had been living in Paris for a year, did some theatre and also worked at the Fnac to pay her rent and afford trips to the movies with her friends.

They met in the DVD section... and they fell in love. While drinking Ti'Punch at La Fourmi, one of them had an idea: "What if we took a trip around the world?" The other said, "OK". They saved for nearly two years and, being in love, they decided to marry before leaving!

Returning ten months later, Fnac, was ancient history. Fortunately they brought back lots of pretty decorative ornaments and gave some to a few friends and parents as gifts.. Everybody said, "Wow, these balls of light are really cool!" 

So they went to the bank and declared "We wish to sell balls of light!"

Of course, the banker asked them if they had any money. They answered, "Well, no, we spent it all." So the banker also replied in the negative. They decided instead to go back to the bank and state that they actually wanted to buy a car. This time the banker replied, "All right, but a small one." They then found a nice lady who agreed to rent them a shop in Montmartre. So, they told their friend in Asia, "Go ahead, make tons of ornaments in all colours!"

Their friend was delighted, and they were even more thrilled because in the meantime, a baby was born. They named him Paul, so decided to call their shop with those beautiful balls of light La Case de Cousin Paul.

And that's the whole story !