Featured FAQs

How do I make my string lights online? How do I use the Premium and Original creators?

Both the Premium and Original creators work the same way.

To make your own string lights, go to the "Designer" page.

  •  Choose the Premium range or the l'Original range.
  •  Choose the number of ball fixtures (20, 35 or 50).
  •  Choose the electric cord colour.
  •  Choose the type of power plug (EC/US/UK).
  •  Click and drag the ball fixtures you want one by one onto the electric cord. You can move them around along the strand.

You can use the following options:
ON/OFF: Click on the moon to turn your string lights on and off.
SERIES SYMBOL : Choose just a few colours and click on the symbol. Your string lights are automatically designed with the colours you've chosen.
HOUSE SYMBOL: Click and download a picture of your home or indoor space to see how your lantern or string lights would look.
TRASH: Delete all of your balls.