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How do I return my folded light fixture to its original shape?

All of our light fixtures are shipped with an assembly manual included inside the ball. To return a light fixture folded for shipping to its original shape:

  • Unfold the ball fixture by pulling on the part folded inside and pushing on the base of the ball inside with the other hand. Don't hesitate to use force on the fibres, they're strong. Return the ball to its rounded shape by pushing out any visible dents from inside.
  • Inflate the balloon provided inside the ball fixture. Be careful, the balloon should be inflated completely to apply strong pressure on the fibres. About 20 cm of the balloon will be sticking out of the hole. Don't worry! The balloons are designed to return even the largest (size L) of our light fixtures to their original shape.
  • Close the balloon. You can either make a knot or close it without a knot by turning the ball fixture over and firmly holding the tip of the balloon until the air is blocked.
  • To remove any fold marks or other marks (small white lines on the darker ball fixtures), spray the ball with water. These marks will completely disappear once the ball is fully dry.
  • The fibres should be moistened, but not too wet. For example, drops should not be left to form on the surface.
  • Gently press either side of the ball with both hands along the entire fold mark by turning the ball. This helps the fibres stretch back out. You can also feel whether the ball is moistened enough.
  • Let air dry thoroughly, ideally overnight. If you don't have enough time, you can speed up the drying process with a blow-dryer.